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of the pulse the presence of mitral regurgitation nor yet the degree

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Mr. George Thompson Jun. who recently gave the munificent

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deformities of the digits wry neck congenital dislocations displace

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father died of cholera at Chjgres shortly before they left. No other

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oxu hospital and dispensary fer 0ur to ourselves Believe me sir your obedient

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well known oxidising properties of peroxide of hydrogen I then proved

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fortunately this is a merely verbal distinction of no practical value

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Afmr I medif al men will accord with my tnm. of ca

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To Mr. Barwell however belongs the credit of having combined the

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lessness saying simply I am inclined to think that the term typhoid

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The patient was ordered to rest in bed with an ice bag constantly

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remembered that our cases lay among men exhausted by hardship and

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then died it would ha c been impossible to convince his friends that

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young man of rather strange manner came into his shop and purchased

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light proceeding from L will after reflexion from the mirror M CM

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to gather from the anatomical and pathological studies of the most

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There was no detachment ha morrhage or appearance of injury. It

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be calls continuous putrid malignant purpled noting down the per

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Plait Exhibitions 15 each for first and second years students in

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attentive of the advanced students without payment of any additional

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begun to lecture before the plaster was quite dry upon its walls and

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occasion very few vaccinated inmates of quarantined houses con

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readings being 6S.7. The highest humidity is usually associated with

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Warner Case of Miliary Tubercle of the Choroid and Lung without Mening

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from the seat of war an announcement without foundation that the

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in the two eyes and this inequality like the peripheral limitation just

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medical men of East Dereham and neighbourhood h.we most hospitably in ited the

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and dust. I confess I cannot understand how an invalid can remain in

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Guy s Hospital last Monday to put in practice to some extent the

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He had tenderness over the bowels and thirst and was still passing

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after my appointment as its Medical Superintendent I applied to the Jlanaging

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poisons its perusal is highly instructive. The activity displayed by

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the Bangor water supply was ujcd.. dded to this when the

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If there is a service in Egypt which requires reform and which if

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did was unknown even to some of his most intimate friends and it

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The committee confidently expect that any Bill inlioductd by the

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f roved fatal within twenty four hours after the departure from

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man Mr. C. had been laid up for several months with indigestion

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a really perfect parasiticide germicide and contagicide. As regards

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renovated. These persons declared to me over and over again that

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increase of 12. Consequently as Dr. Exlmundson resident medical

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Mr. CresTI Wimborne thought the working classes should be

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the dise. ise was communicated by vaccine matter I cannot but enter