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two cindidatcs presented thcmselve of whom ninety five were rejected

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any degree upon mere estimates. I might it is true have constructed

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arium and Museum under the superintendence of Dr. Dickson Materia

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severe comments in the columns of some of the local papers.

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or swine in this country there are four which are represented at the

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food including beef tea. He came home in the Nepaui where he had

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thousand cases under treatment. The lately established hospital at

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when Schwann showed the cellular structure of these. It is from this

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our opinions when we differ without acrimonious correspondence as any differ

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In 1764 the attention of the staff was called to the urgent necessity

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land on the General Medical Council has been appointed a Depu y

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ductory address in every respect most appropriate which is published

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Association held recently in the rooms of the Medical Society of Lon

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From the returns of the Registrar General for the week ending Novem

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obtained here at a high price of course but not out of proportion

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into consideration. A vaccine which vaccinates rabbits vaccinates

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mations whether called secondary tertiary or diluvial have the re

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auricular vessels are ligatured straight graduated glass tubes are tied

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Association to our constituting the North West Provinces and Oudh Branch of

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ink. That as to the rciluction of the fracture which h id been

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greatly the profc iun and pulilic Krvice ate indebted to Sir William

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the Section that so powerful was the voice of medical opinion in the

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the rim of which tends to cut off the vibrations of the surrounding

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iaili fy the ptoiuise of slill further triumphs to some.

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I had nearly forgotten to relate how parturition is managed amongst

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RtscwoRM ITS Diagnosis and Trratment. Hy Aldrr Smith

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cemented together and every brick drain should be abolished. The

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metropolis when this fact is generally known will in a great degree

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Anatomy and Physiology and Chemistry in first and second winter

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he thought a series of experiments should be made on a larger scale.

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Of course the term bone setting is in the majority of cases simply

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have it wfll not suffer by further publicity. I am etc.

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all the family including the patient herself were afraid that she

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in the museum of the Leeds School of Medicine was found to be

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cently come before Justices Field and Stephen at the Queen s Bench

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tical investigations of Donders Helmholtz and others have borne such

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at bcth wrists he was bled to fifteen ounces and purged. On the

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A painter was admitted on February o h iSSo. as a patient undci

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Wilhelm Suersen of Berlin and lately brought to my notice by Mr.

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been amputated. His Royal Highness in the company of Mr. Savory

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tubercular and said that nothing is so dangerous for a phthisical