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were somewhat blue and that the respiratory ctToit was weak. The

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The vacancy on the staff of the Middlesex Hospital caused by the

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in solution in the water the prevention of the corrosion of lead

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morning. Dr. Day now stated that the death of deceased was due to

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It would prove a very safe procedure Lancet April 3rd I sCof it

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senting remarkable twisting and narrowing near the umbilicus.

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himself much relieved particularly in breathing he could move his

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eventually necessary the system is less able to bear the shock loss and

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appetite or habits r. ther than to his medical wants. Sometimes too

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mortem the surfaces were found covered with healthy granulations.

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Kesteven said that the tumour had not been examined microscopically.

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the author which we published in the Journal for May 13th. Mr.

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man until nine months before admission when he began to have a sore

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of fever were recorded. The Registrar General s table includes

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remark the etTect of an examination must be to guide education and

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experiments already alluded to. He found that these microphytes when

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and perpetual 1 is. summer including Practical Anatomy is.

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Arklow county W icklow through the head of the non

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man was seen December 29th 1S80. Seven weeks previously a b.irber

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Cobbold in the British Medical Journal and elsewhere. Acting on

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associated with insanitary surroundings. In the Ledbury Rural Dis

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Chairman said that the point of the whole matter seemed to be that

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which is calculated to chill their enthusiasm and devotion that the

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dental surgeon and those punch like holes cleared out and stopped

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entirely healed. There was no more secretion from the wound after

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so that there are two systems of bones the desp and the superficial

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this Does indefinite incubation occur in well marked and typical

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Dr. Watson surgeon of the Naval Hospital Jamaica who has nar

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dent of ihe College of Surgeons as chairman of the provisional com

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secretion coughed up comes from the back of the throat. A case of

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pound would be found of peculiar benefit for the treatment of wounds

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of Sciences when the Academy h.vl to decide the famous competi

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