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Worcester china was manufactured. A convenient house was taken

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For our present purpose I wauli arrange all cases of stiff joint in

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Times of the 7th instant has a letter from A Lancashire Land

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year the papers always bristle with a regular fusillade of letters from

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the number registered during the previous week. A male aged 26

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existing administration of poorer class practice medical men must

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sory removal to hospitals. Now that position he objected to strongly.

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these injuries that such men had acquired their reputation. Much

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wounded from the railway to the hospital. The filling of the beds for

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which is becoming yearly more pressing as year by year the number of

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of rheamarthritis from damp and cold and of chorea from fright by

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very ill and eventually Mr. Perrin was sent for but though he went

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pecially needful with delirate skins as smarting will be caused if the

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respect other professions I will yield to none in claims for dignity as

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the room. She was cured. Who has not seen such cases A bone

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been elected an honorary member of the Society Franjaise d Hygiene.

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tissue are seen in the uterine stump immediately after the cervix has

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to the Museum during the past year which Professor Flower would be

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case which came under my observation some time ago where scarlet

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among the vaccinated to take into account the quality and size of the

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do a peritomy. The operation was carefully performed in the usual

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Dr. Macnaughton Jones s work is also very reliable although

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sham s case the sigmoid flexure crossed the spine at the fifth lumbal

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phthisis Dr. Drysdale believed that the hereditary character of phthisis

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neither proof of contaciousncj nor an argument in favour of quaran

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The Council met on the 6th. The motion originally proposed to

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night Hutin ligatured the innominate. The operatir gt n was long and

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board. We spent a great deal of time and printed a great many

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Measles caused seventy two deaths of which thirty six occurred in

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but it recurred frequently and the p.aticnl diol on the twenty sixth day

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Metropolitan Board of W orks have given instructions for the prepara

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first sight to set down the whole matter as trivial Ve Ihe sulTering

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nistering chloroform bichloride of methyline or any other anaesthetic

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introduction of animal lymph a new an 1 more reliable stock would be

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British Medical Aswcia.ion in Worcester August 1882.

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rj e In Ihe kclelon scale printed In the articles of agreement room

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of the table and of these seven admitted marked alcoholic excess.

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does not hang loosely down it is stretched taut from basal ring to

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syphilitic disease of nerve irunks accounts for a few of them and has

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affected. It may be the stomach as showi by vomiting and nausea