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observed normal. There were fourteen separate areas. On the right

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which some diversity of opinion may still prevail. The late Dr.

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the care of one of my colleagues and during this period her symptoms

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evidencing sufficient proficiency in medicine surgery and midwifery

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advisability of permitting corporal punishment in schools but we do

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acting on an overheated system produces a severe chill and whereas

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sembled those of Bacillus anthracis the organism which is associ

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nisant of the importance of the interests affected by this question and

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themselves obliged to have recourse to violent methods of cure or to a

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closets in some of the houses which are intended for the accommodation

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expansion by the beat of some gas still remaining within the bottle.

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but ten hours afterwards recourse had to de made again to aspiration.

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buted at the soiree a comparison of several successive observations

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although sulphate of magnesia given for strangulated hernia or typhoid

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Lee. Henry Boynton late of the Leeds School of Medicine and Infirmary appointed

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which some men have of enforcing their views and persuading their

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in the aggregate to 69S individuals. About 15 per cent of these

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then discusses the probable relation of this with the earlier cases but

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produced by the aggregation of numbers of while blood corpuscles

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tact evinced by the manner in which the Commission have taken the

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Journal respecting the cases of typhoid fever which had occurred

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Naval Medical Department. The following is a list of the

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healed. He continued to improve and left the hospital on May I7ih

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witness box. To be accurate is ten thousand times better than to appear

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that the fact of pregnancy considerably increased the danger of infec

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may be placed in conformity with the provisions of the law on army

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getting his extra fee. After the customary correspondence between

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growth of the tumour less than two months and the thickening of

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said Dr. FothergiU could be heard if he had any explanation

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can tell but in ascites dependent en hepatic troubles the experience of

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some time afterwards affirmed that yeast acts on sugar an action resulting

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thus killed proved to be highly infective. Moreover he found that

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dysentery fever great pain on pressure frequent desire to go to stool

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first and apparently dead. On examination the following day it was

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his paper by noting the application of these views to the treatment of

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For some years he has also been tutor at the Middlesex Hospital

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has been done under Dr. Low s energetic supervision but the authority

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were possessed of this as we hope they will be before long there

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lation. Selected from our profession they are invented by the orders

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pLiccments of the c.x cum transverse colon and sigmoid flexure arc

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officer. Two of the cases came from Port Glasgow but most of the

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which enables me to inform the House of the nature of any legislation

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expiration the guardians will not be responsible for any scandal which

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Medical School Mr. WoKenden succeeds Dr. Silver as lecturer on

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tilated for the Gcvemment to see that something in ihi direction is UTEenily

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Worcester deserves more than a mere passing notice. It certainly was

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Aberdeen medical students have to congratulate themselves that at