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was considered. Professor Stephenson rciraikcd that the time seemed to
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ritUte the results of Wood s experiments then brought forward as to
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concealment there was no doubt that they would have to struggle
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discovered in the wall of the bowel opposite its mesenteric attachment
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each specimen the mu cum too must admit sufficient light for the
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part and measuring about one inch by three quarters was discovered.
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sion which declares that it is advisable to give the general practi
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family history the immediate cause of desiring advice was an eruption
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the percussion note are rightly understood when the points in which
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for cases of persistent pannus following granular lids. English surgeons
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which the bullet had evidently passed. Against the plan of removing
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the facts which indicate micro organisms as powerful factors in patholo
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until about the fifteenth day of the illness that a normal condition was
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appointed during the last session to consider the subject of local legis
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impure waters food. Geology The character and structure of rocks
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the other hand and permit its spread. He objected to penal clauses
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has thought his reply of sulncictit importance to justify him in publish
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commenced anil all the wounds rapidly became clean wfaen dressed by
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surgery in Dublin to day were in no sense inferior to anything that
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mation around the inoculated i.e. vaccinated parts has been merely
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same lime cholera broke out at llama and throughout large tracts of
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of lluid loaded with acephalo cysts of various sizes escaped. As it was
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portional mortality among the assured compared with that among the
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the number who would die before attaining the age of five according
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identical with blood. Newly born children we know have an im
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far as I know did not iuffer any ill consequences from their hearty
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some bleeding which was checked b plugging with carbolised lint.
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appetite and digestion sn amp ciently good to allow him to take solid
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ing hou cs ill a faviniaMe site away from the town itself
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as we returned from our search but could not make himself heard
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able and interesting to say. This remark applies more especially to
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Metropolitan Board of W orks have given instructions for the prepara
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stmction in Ophthalmic Surgery will be given fee 3 35. Practical
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l l he appeared rosy and cheerful having had no angina
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parents are of unmixed European blood and that he labours under no
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mence to act and the varying periods during which they act deserve a
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exceptions were adopted. Dr. Lumgair Lirgo was elected presi
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public outer that the profession was disgraced and dishonoured but
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require the services of a large number of men. Unfortunately very
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individuals. In the public institutions 64 persons died and 17 through
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to become law in some form or other. The fact that Dr. Carter
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newed but this hummock dees not appear in the mean of nine years
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of a diploma gained by judicious supervision and cramming is a snare
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lofty and expanded frontals. He was never regarded as of much intel