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The temperature could not be taken. Cold was applied to the head.

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was not more common among the females than among the males.

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Absorbent Dressings Prepared Millboard Splints and Tenax. The

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Having arrived at the foregoing conclusions from the clinical obserTO

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The lung and pleura as seen on the right side were healthy.

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The case now detailed is one of many in my experience which do

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The antiseptic treatment of lung disease being still to a certain e.Ktent

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reply to. Mr. Darby s observations were really outside of his remarks

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the inflammation had gone on to suppuration and resulted in abscesKt

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under the Artisans and Labourers Dwellings Acts 1S75 to 1S79 as

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typhoid fever about which insufficient information was given that the

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sprirging from its periosteum. The cut surface of the tumour appears

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change signed by the President of the Swiss Confederation at Berne