What kind of personality are you? Compliant? Steady?

Have you ever had your personality profile done? I’ve had it done twice now. The first time it was interesting, fascinating but not that revealing.

The second time, through I Am Woman, it made so much sense and I can honestly say its had an immediate effect. I don’t mean that it’s made my fortune but it’s made me see myself more clearly and understand why I get on with most people but sometimes find individuals difficult. I also have started to look out for those who find me hard to deal with.  I don’t think there’s been a day since when I’ve not clocked something about my reactions or someone’s reaction to me.

In simple terms, my understanding is that my natural personality is to be extremely dominant. Probably no real surprise to you – but to see it there in black and white was amazing. However, I apparently tone down this natural need to dominate in the workplace, it drops by a staggering 49 per cent. If you think about it – that chimes with what I do. If you are working for numerous employers, you have to adapt to their needs, even if you don’t agree with them.


Apparently the most unusual thing is my ability to adapt – it came in at 72 per cent. I can adapt my behaviour to suit the circumstance. Again, my job as a journalist, PR person means that makes sense. You become who you need to be to suit the circumstance. If I’m interviewing a farmer or a vulnerable person, I’ll be very different than if I’m given a five-minute slot with a government minister.


However this dominant side means that there are certain things I find difficult. If  someone talks to me about processes or systems, you’ll lose me in ten seconds flat. I find such things utterly stifling, even if  they make sense. I don’t find detail easy but I do it because I have to — being a journalist demands detail.


I was told that I would not make a good accountant but a job as an entrepreneur would suit me.


So do tell – what kind of person are you?

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Fiona Scott is an award winning TV producer and Journalist. It has been said what she doesn't know about PR isn't worth knowing. You can read more about Fiona on her page http://www.mumsinmedia.co.uk/fiona-scott/ . Subscribe to the Mums in Media newsletter to stay in touch.


  1. Angela Roberts says:

    My personality profiling by Elaine Godley from I AM WOMAN was spot on too! Couldn’t believe what I was reading – kept shaking my head saying to myself -gosh that’s so true,! X

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