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urine after repeated and careful microscopic examinations.
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urine after repeated and careful microscopic examinations.
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was called to consider a report presented by Mr. Ernest Hart to the
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tion of cavities is rendered innocuous and that thereby the spread
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proposing the health of the President of the College of Physicians
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Middleton Herbert H Brown. Praaice of.Medicine Second Year s Students
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very marked and indisputable case of catholic poisoning. The operation
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tient should be seated with the leg supported on another chair while
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trolling or arresting the cardiac complications of acute rheumatism
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dents who have entered at the beginning of the present winter session.
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to account for these symptoms. During the night he had three fits.
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report of the proceedings will be given in next week s Journal.
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It was I who originated the treatment and practised it for some years
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