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portant step was taken by the establishment of the Dublin Society of

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of health have decided to close all the infant schools in the city.

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Thr pTient soon observed that the tumour became less painful. The

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potties consists of lectures which the author has for some years past

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alcoholic principle on strictly scientific grounds and with a view to the

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philosophers regard creation rather as a progressive than a finished

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the model of our own Sanitary Protection Association with competent

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that the disease has now definitively entered on the stage of decrease.

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washing out cavities of the body and he hopes to derive much benefit

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bedside teaching will be imperfect. This is one ol the chief faults of

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This seems to me needless with a view to strengthen the conclusion

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ment Board dated November 1872 but in the new order issued in

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dissatisfaction. In this respect Her Majesty s troopships are more

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of the British feJicat Associatien in Woruitcr August 1882.

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living near the Harrow Road was charged on suspicion with having

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The following gentleman passed the Primary Professional Examina

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ing gait. On this occasion too his tongue and throat were dry but

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fectious in any form. After some further remarks he requested members

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a series of instantaneous photographs of quickly succeeding attitudes

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becomes somewhat unsteady and I almost anticipate the mortification of finding

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all departments are such as to indica.e that the duties of the Army

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which was maintained till 1S79 when the temporary wing was closed.

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mingham Dental Hospital and the Birmingham Clinical B ard so that

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their being justly and legally entitled to this pension and this view has

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scrape off all the periosteum except where it would interfere with the

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of infectioas disease obtained in different towns we may fairly hope

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and brought some buckebful of boiling brine adding cold water to re

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how to conduct fost moitem examinations. At the same meeting

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gard to renal colic nephritic abscess etc. is sufficiently obvious.

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Read in the Section oJ Anattmy and Physiology at the Annual Afeeting

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The facts are these. Paragraph No. 30 ot the last Royal Warrant

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the number registered during the previous week. A male aged 26

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showed the splendid result of fifty three recoveries out of fifty six cases

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the absence of the depressing and even paralysing influence of fear.

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streets clean. The Minister of the Interior has named a mixed com

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advice in London the directors of the company suggested that the

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before it could cut through the vessel. By this method he tied the

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Applications must be made on or before September 1 5th in each year.

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