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mortality or 259 deaths. Inflammatory affections of the respiratory

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Sir The following instance of an unusual form of accidental strangulation having

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Idiot Asylum at Starcioss and the Midland Counties Idiot Asylum at

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The following table from the appendix shows this fluctuation

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and the committee of chairmen of hospital committees reported that

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from epilepsy and faintness. In some instances temporary help was

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acts are possible. Not unfrequently some debility of the nerve power

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British Medical Atiociation in Worcester Aupist 1882.

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the left bronchus about one inch from the bifurcation of

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leakage and defects in the jointing of soil pipes and the introduction

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was then seized with an epileptic fit and died within three minutes he

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Hydropathic Establishment Leamington September i8th 1882.

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included organic particles it may yet be affirmed that if any change is

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shows 15 nine from enteric fever two from dysentery one from diar