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Retention of Urine January 2Sth Mr. Campbell Reason and Instinct

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considerably damped by what I have since observed. At the same time

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The first meeting of the New West London Medico Chirurgical

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membranes ruptured the placenta about the lize of a penny and the

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former views of the Medical Department are not only accepted but

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ceasing care than in ann to aim vaccination a powerful aigument lor

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placed. Slight hemorrhage occurred at intervals of two and fifteen

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The epidemic has fallen as might have been expected chiefly on the

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Honorary. ssistant Surgeon 10 the Liverpool Ladies Charity and Lying in Hospital.

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ledge of hygiene and if he has not studied that science and passed

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As recently announced the King and Queen s College of Physicians in

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Dr. Edward Wilson Cheltenham deprecated any feeling of

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article in the Journal. I made Ihe patient breathe hard and rapidly

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ments of the hand. A week since Mr. Lloyd stretched the ulnar

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authority every case 0 infectious disease coming within bis knowledge.

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nature of this second eruption with its subsequent desquamation.

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sional examinations wTen under the control of the Medical Council

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ambulances did not travel and it was contended that in atmospheric

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eighteenth clause it is Ihc business of ihe Cencral Medical Council lo

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the heavy winter and spring rains. This can cn ybe remedied by more

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campaign. Our ilcath rale was iV we lost one man from an injury

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mensely congested and enlarged liver and we can easily understand

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the medical officers of the army have no greater honour than to belong

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of the young an amount of lime and brain power was es Knded.

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outbreaks in lt lifrctent parts of the town were reported but active

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ing the diseases of elephants. The more prominent aflections are

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SotTir Eastern Branch West Kent District. A meeting oft

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there were grounds for believing that some cases might so begin. He

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apply to physiology and pathology and consequently it can hardly be

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tion within the range of human observation. We are surely more

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that the sight of the right eje was impaired. Notwithstanding her as

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many cases of sporadic cerebro spinal meningitis which was to be dis

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sequently extending to the articulation are essentially unfavourable lor

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On June 22nd 1S82 Dr. Angel Money the registrar made a note

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Walsham Mr. Harrison Cripps and Mr. Shuter having been appointed

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sailors with all needful appliances should be put into quarantine..

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lectures on the first Monday in November. Four clinical lectures will

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find that in 6j cases consumption had occurred in the preceding

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congenital derangement of the heart and feel sure now it may be

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normal. Three weeks alter admission he developed pneumothorax

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forty and that no hospital should receive patients except from the dis

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omentum was drawn down and the parietal incision closed by liga

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