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Dr. Varrentrapp gave a most interesting description of the holiday

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Jeflcock rector of St. I eter s Church and Dr. Mahomed were present

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William Muir the last Director General of the Army Medical Depart

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led to the non detection of poison in many cases. Some caustic

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does valium help depression

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The heat of Ismailia during the day was exceedingly trying especi

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and giraffe were affected with flukes ana these were also found in

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after slight attacks of coughing in the morning the respiration was

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extent. His recovery though complete was very slow as it was fully

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We believe that many surgeons besides Mr. Noble Smith have

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discontinuance of beer and spirits there has been much less waste food.

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It therefore begs to suggest that the sanitary authority should draft

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of Stenson s duct the wound either heals easily or the anterior portion

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who dies as he believes from natural disease is bound to supply a

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firstly to the ordinary method of earth burial and its concomitant

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in Relation to Medicine February 1st Medical Discussion Diphtheria

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dynamometer was 35 left 32 the pulse was S8 the temperature

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tuted consequent on the refusal of Mr. Reckitt the district medical

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surface towards its centre. In chemistry the law of afTmity is the fact

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and in effect Openchowski found under these conditions that the

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bottles in his pocket which had contained a similar quantity but it was

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point of view. He advocated the giving of practical instruction to

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Ihcm. clves to do only an occ.isional case and have t

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forearm and a sensation as if his tight eir were drawn up. This

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ligatured and divided. The pedicle of the tumour which was rather

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pupils in medicine. He does not appear to have dissected the human

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each other for gossip and sympathy and to overcrowding and un

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endeavoured to explain the functions of the body and action of reme

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antiseptic properties must not be applied universally but confined to

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two drachms of mercurial ointment having been used in that time

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coloration may have been in the first instance it alw.iys remains un

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he was persuaded to take to his bed but notwithstanding constant

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ance of hospital work was someumes over rated and he pointed out how

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might immediately remove the dejecta and if any of the fluids fell

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a fact which I communicated to the Northumberland and Durham

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mary membership there were 1 091 of which number 743 passed

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He inquired if the aseptic atmosphere would not tend to diminish the

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Trinity College strongly objects to these professors who at present lec

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arrived on October 7th it is said that the majority of the patients

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The theories of the formation of the universe are numerous but there

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limits. It is too much influenced by the cause of the watery etVusion.

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from one arm to another. The points it is admitted had undergone

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naphtol oiniment with the result that the skin became smooth and

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action is still unknown. And lastly it contains a list of articles which