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The medical session of this university commenced on November 1st

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tive that this source of water supply should be at once discontinued.

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My only regret is that I did not removethc kidneyat the first operation.

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his relative Dr. Dedichen. Warm or tepid baths with friction by birch

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large co operation in support of the hospital. Efforts have also been

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published in the Medical Times and Gazette November gth 1S75.

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cording to circumstances by my house surgeon Mr. Strahan. Some

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Listerian precautions. Thus far he had seen only one suppurating

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Case xiv. Although this case is only of doubtful value as regards

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cases illustrative of this but especially remembered a case of secondary

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bone. Microscopically the growth was ver similar to the primary one

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Profeisor of Mejicine and Anatojny in the University.

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Sawyer has called attention to a grave defect in the present system of

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But now yon will perhaps say that I have been proving too much.

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His hernia however gave him so much distress that he was most

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source of fallacy. The conus arteriosus lies anteriorly and citches the

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enough for malignant disease. By introducing carefully along the

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GLENTIES UNION. Medical Officer for Ardaia Dispensary District. Salary

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of the hospital secretary and of other members of the resident staff

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incline to think that all uncertainty on this topic disappears in the

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Dr. Jenner February 15th 1799 thus In ray patients the inflam

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papillitis he had generally seen. He had only seen choroid tuliercle in

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by Steam 1S45 Sercombe 1S57 and P. ukinson 1S67. All these

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occurrence of dropsies. I have known a flow of urine averaging above

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the practice of exposing sickly children not unknown in barbarous

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fatality of all the zymotic diseases except whooping cough. Kven

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themselves obliged to have recourse to violent methods of cure or to a

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before the public and to be the subject of universal scandal. I have

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in one case the clinical assistant had ha moptysis previous to residence

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The text is decidedly superior in nearly every respect to that of

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the older colleges this desire is most satisfactorily fulfilled without in