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vances made around him. He has no original views to promulgate
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rebutted thus endeavours with a high hand to bar the way to the
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The second meeting of this session was held on November 9th Dr.
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upon Tyne Herbert Mosse Charing Cross Hospital George P. Newbolt
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women would recognise in Mr. Garstang s cases examples of a class
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closure of the artery is sufficient to render that closure permanent.
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scheme combining the University of Dublin the College of Physicians
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probable. The President said that such cases were very rare.
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This hospital contains 230 beds including 50 beds for fever and
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quartered at Gibraltar attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in
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reflects the highest honour upon the patient induttry and skill of Dr.
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not boast that our cow pox inoculation has never been attended with
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taken up the matter and is collecting information for making a report
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temperature was greater by l.o and its mean daily range greater by
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The farmyard is a frequent source of pollution of drinking water
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ments. Encouraged by the success which followed upon the close
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shows a decrease of 25 houses as compared with the previous year
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was admitted on Januarj nth 1SS2 suffering from paralysis and from
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made representations to the town council on the subject and suggested
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ried out in a manner which gave the greatest satisfaction to all who
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