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must be dependent upon a lesion of the cervical sympathetic itself or
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at the right inner canthus was probably a mucous tubercle.
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of diphtheria that has been occurring in the suburbs of that city. The
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of brigade surgeons. Tdere were 41 brigade surgeons above him. If
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plain. Some of these are examples of hysteria some deep seated kj
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In 1879 Dr. Thin in this country in a paper published in the
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nerve whether motor or sensory and while this lasts the impulse or
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on admission she was literally a bag of bones. The urine was
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We cannot ckse this cursory account of suc n an admirable exhibition
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able confidence hitherto existing between even the poorest and meanest
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asserted to promote the cure ol pulmonary consumption in high altitudes
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Till untimely death of Mr. Dodds an Knglikh clergyman known for
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commenced its career. At a recent meeting of the executive com
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I r. M beKeves that if Uromitlc will try ten or fifteen minims
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The Museums of Anatomy and Zoology of Pathology of Materia
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conductor than with the air in the binaural and to the sound being
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splanchnics prevented the increase Ijoth in the aortic and in the pulmo
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converging fissures separate ridges of uterine tissue that hide the os
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disinfect. Therefore phthisis if really infectious would be very in
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parish of Marylebone with its 161 000 inh.ibilanis has no dead house
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diets. It is easy to understand that under these circumst.inces complaints
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develop in stagnant or morbid secretions or unless the loss of epithe
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E. T. aged 25 years formerly a blacksmith s striker was admitted
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pits should be emptied and filled in and the space beneath the setit
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i aeclrvery readily dilated. It moreover effectually prevents the
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and marked tremor of the legs. There appeared to be no evidence of
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was a second orifice similar to the first both these orifices of the
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method in such cases of malignant disease of the tongue if the surgeon
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preserved meat potatoes and carrots as well as pickles raisins and
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signed for the purpose. These houses will give superior accommoda
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meningitis and ap gt plcxy vomiting colic an lt l enteritis h.Tmaturia
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Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest Brompton
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large sums of money have been expended in providing hospital accom
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cause and so on aJ infinitum or indefinitely. According to the
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served in the Egyptian expedition in recognition of their gallant ser
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ment have established lazarettos large enough for several hundred per
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following its dorsum turning round the salient portion of the shoulder
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candidates preparing for the examination Part I. Candidates will be
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as an infringement of individual rights and a breach of the con
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fishing and shooting and the unrelenting deprivation of so many ani
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final observations. The work which contains about 300 pages and is
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were formed each member of which made a small weekly contribution.
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live inflammation while at the same time it irritates the child thus
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building it occupies a set of rooms which comprise a lecture room
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at the base at Ismailia were unfounded. We have since prosecuted our
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Council may deem suitable for publication. A general meeting will be
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pearance which blood presents in the first two cases proves that blood
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healthy. The heart was rather small pale in colour and friable the
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nesdays and Fridays at 3. The Anatomical Museum under the
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bosis of the haimorrhoidil vessels ihe f sl morUm records do not state.
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ally at first. At night or rather towards early morning the tempera
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for there was no enlargement of the glands. The disease rnight