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Dinner. The members dined together at the close of the meeting.
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the President the Treasurer Dr. Alfred Carpenter Dr. Ward Cousins
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cumstances attending some recent cases of illness following vaccination
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Director General. The Secretary of State shall from time to time fix
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appears that William Chamberlen his father was a Huguenot
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immediately after the operation and on the following morning but he
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woods and other damp situations are generally dangerous most of the
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favour of non enforcement of medical men to report cases of infectious
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temporary arrest of the hxmorrhage might also be permanent. This
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I rom the beginning of the treatment the destruction of hair ceased
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which he succumbed. On his return from the hospital on Saturday
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Afpointnunts. Rcyat Infirmary Students are appointed to Dresser
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and being continued high above the eaves should terminate in a funnel
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the State was shown to suffer for want of an intelligent recognition of
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museum was practically devoted to pathology excepting a few shelves
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The chief diftictilty lies in the fact that many of the most potent
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blance between acute traumatic malignancy and acute pyxmic
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explain its long persistence and its entire resistance of all internal re
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appear to have derived considerable benefit from the use of this drug
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Dr. Littlejohn in Edinburgh On Friday last the local authorities
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innominate. The inner coats of the aorta innominata right carotid
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Provisional Council should be elected as the Council of the museum
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days. He soon went to sea again and two letters have arrived
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the organism. He now proclaims the therapeutic supremacy of poles.
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tion of draft schemes under the Amending Act of last Session with
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