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but imperfectly follows the loss of scientific education. The standard
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The Royal College of Physicians of London in consequence of the
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ligature and suture in the same wound using wire prepared catgut and
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Prefessonhip of Pathology. Laboratories in Marischal Colltgt.
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assuming syphilis to be the cause of every diseased condition in every
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Phthi.sis and demonstrated the bacillus of tubercle stained after
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evidence in courts of justice sometimes difbring as to the interpreta
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In 1879 Dr. Thin in this country in a paper published in the
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gaged in the expedition to Egypt. I entertain this wish because such
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for want of means or want of opportunity of gralif .jinivcsl
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This aged retired staff surgeon of the Royal Navy whose death at
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have been introduced. We need only mention thuse of Mantegazza
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evading the prison discipline. These various illnesses culminated in
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of associated movements. The writings of Prevost Hughlings Jack
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probability was brought to the ulcer by the vertebral. Through the
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Spencer or who more in iphysical than I lofcvfor Huxley And so
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nodules in the roots of cucumbers 4. Embryos of guinea worm Dra
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for pure examination study. Thus what is termed Materia Medica
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each of them untrue and in their combination give a distorted colour
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parations are of an elaborate character unequalled it is stated at any
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of the paper. He mentioned a case in which knowing syphilis to be
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puscle. In the case of starch granules it was found that however
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heavy and as if there were something soft underneath the feet did
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tween two classes of officer. Vi i Army Circular August iSSo
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bacilli do not get into the system even when inhaled unless they can
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The lecturer commenced by briefly sketching the stale of medical edu
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Mr. Anthony Trollope has b een suffering during the last fortnight are
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and can stand any weight. The surgeon general seeing them in use
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attribute the disease to sewer gas driven back by a strong
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The house drainage of farmhouses is often very defective being
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powerful causes nf disease are josl those agents which IwcauK Ihcy
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greater practical importance for the patient and one with regard to
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was a healthy active woman aged 3S the mother of six children.
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Committee and a deputation of the profession to agree upon what
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some months previously bad an attjick of chicken pox. Dr. Bond
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Smith Ebcnezer Thomas Ayden Abbey Street Bermondsey.
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ings are mere hotbeds for disease and they resent all interference from
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existed. But whilst this class suffered most it really punished the rich
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One of the bales hm 1 CCD forwarded o the Egyptian Government
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of dissectors mainly drawn from the porters and assistants on the
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Icij put a cr.idle on and attended the woman frequently after that.
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loaice and as fresh cases came to knowledge the same condition
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though a large number of the inmates were included among the
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poison and they all began running about violently in order to shake
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missioned this spring to visit the grammar schools c colcs primaires of
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Surgeon to the Derby Borough Police also Medical Officer of Health to the
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which merely tend to get rid of the articular inflammation. As
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animal or vegetable because they but rarely come under the notice of
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to the General Secretary not later than 21 days before the meeting
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heaviest at the two ends although it bears a strong resemblance in that
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early hour. During the time the fund has been in existence the
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of the epidemics he has studied may not have somewhat misled him in
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of Professor Tyndall the Geneva water is the purest of any in Europe.