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ing a practical familiarity with the details of Mechanical Dentistry
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commerce to which one per cent of cailmlic acid may be added.
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his mixture every three hours. He continued to make a steady pro
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and expressed himself as being too weak to stand. His face was cold
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which contains 94 beds open not only to the inhabitants of Cannes
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opinion that some further restrictions should be placed on the sale of
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was put in by very free movement. Acute suppuration followed
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remarked that the difficulty connected with the course of the bullet
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have only performed three or four successful cases of cbolecystotomy
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genital organs Tiansactions of the International Medical Congress
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to Mr. J. Wickham Barnes the honorary secretary I also tender my
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ascertain the richness of dye stufis in colouring matter. It consists of a
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river is the truest of paradoxes. Every shower of rain alters the
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use. In giaduating these instruments M. iVlalassez has calculated
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disease. Of 11 who had not had measles 9 were attacked and 2
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fection of the lochial discharge with septic matters from without or
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tion food cold bath the application of heat etc. He then considered
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had suffered from whooping cough and had never been well afterwards.
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in guiding us in making the teaching of pathology eflective.
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class and neglected in another will excite a great amount of dis
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The use of the sulphurous water and baths is combined very much as
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intervals during the last six weeks I have examined this same speci
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assistance to the authorities in improving the sanitary condition of the
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the failures as well as the successes met with in practice taking as
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certainly be useful and probably productive of good results.
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ties and corporations on the General Medical Council has during the
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per 1 000. It was reported by the venerable Mr. Chadwick that there
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special causes of disease. Up to the present the strong sun and dry
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Accrington has bequeathed looo to the Victoria University Man
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Clonakiliy Cork Milton Romanis Callcndcr South Shields Thomas Berke
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appeared in the Journal of October 2Sth. The points which seem
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On examination I found almost complete facial paralysis of the
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The examination will be in biology chemistry and physics. Candi
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that which so oficn follows accidental exposure to cold except
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vacdncr and that the very fact of the one being thus infected whilst
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to the General Committee if it seem advisable viz. Sir W. Jenner
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from patients to medical men or nurses in the hospital with which he
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after successful rcvaccination is rare but that when it does occur it
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is the unanimous verdict that the great preventive measure is their
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November Sth being 112 as against 125 in the preceding week and
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mastership a success in the history of the hospital. The following
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months. bout two weeks ago after straining a small lump appeared
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evidence however given at the inquest makes it abundantly clear to
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the actual analysis of water and air candidates will not be expected to
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campaign is taking all other circumstances into consideration the less
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number of deaths expected in the abstaining section was 213. There
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When lint oliserved she was flushed and feverish and quite blind. The
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finest ship two or four persons whatever may be their wealth are
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ment on the government of the institution in some local papers. The
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corded under strict antiseptic precautions is unjust for it was not