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occurrence and it is difficult to say on whose shoulders the blame should

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catalogue. The first regular catalogue was published by the Council of

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until May 2nd when the tube was finally removed altogether. The

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Copenhagen Stockholm and Christiania the death rate averaged only

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and another portion to form the ventricle these two being connected

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by which these would be examined and properly returned would be

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The normal adult chest when examined by the following method

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From pulmonary diseases there were 10 deaths giving a death rate of

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stretching were removed for the hist time the wounds were quite

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duction in the mortality after notification from an average of some

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one alive to the fallacies airrounding such experiments. It is be

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two doctors on the.1 alabar. He heard one of the marines com

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reflex is visible. The strength of the glass used is the exact expression

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ber 22nd I Dr. Geo. Buchanan the chairman announced that the

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week. Acute diseases of the chest caused 100 deaths or 2 less than

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Surgeon Jackson be applied to him Brigade Surgeon Jackson when

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no less than 156 persons suffering from that disease being treated there.

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the diagnosis would have been all the more trustworthy could I have

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Oslcototny. lAx. McGiLL exhibited a girl aged 14 for whom he had

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viously been obtained in this country and elsewhere.

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the surface of the spleen and liver. The right kidney showed many

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removal. As the man was likely to be permanently disabled it was

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botion. The nerve theory is simply a haphazard name given to what

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difficulty was experienced in reduction. Chloroform and the pulleys

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mortis was well marked. On the right side of the thora.x there

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etc. and of character must accompany the declaration when signed

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Earlswood and Moorgate are still drained into cesspools. During the

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inspirations and a slight attack of coughing which brought some frothy

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apparatus was left for the night to cool. We met again the following

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fined area and the tissue involved is steadily however slowly deterio

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duced has certainly been salis tocy so far as evidence on this point

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torily in some metropolitan hospitals a series of systematic lectures to

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if peroxide of hydrogen be employed for internal administration we

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arrant ed after the plan of the same references in the former edition.

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except through the study of these affections in general It is for these

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purposes. We learn further that although effjrts have been

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this point was abundant and convincing so Mr. Grant proceeds to

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years that the homes have been open no less than 21 259 convalescents

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Ortilicate No. 2 is intended to provide against injudicious or arbi

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Oceania 2. The total for the various continents is 785. The number

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disease are known to occur. The temperature of the ocean will vary

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with the appearance of much force raised it and pressed it again until

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and had no difficulty in remembering the subjects of books he had read

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appear to have derived considerable benefit from the use of this drug

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out a single case of infectious disease on board were subjected to a

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A boy at a day school developed the rash on February 2Sth. His

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operation should be performed. On September 4th chloroform was

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