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the Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery held on October 25lh the
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tion. On being questioned the patient stated that he thought he had
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teaching should be thoroughly liberal and comprehensive. Mr. Gold
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lishing the divisional boards. Should any individual corporation cease
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water closets within it. These privies have large brick cesspits as a
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nevertheless was convinced that the symptoms of lead poisoning were
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Sir In the British Medical Jocrnal for August 19th Dr. J. Wilson Hamill
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as to render the restoration of motion very uncertain. These cases
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been advanced against raising the standard of these preliminary ex
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For instance one bale of white linen sheets was all that could be
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which the teeth are generally found in the murinies of ancient Egypt
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and organic substances in the samples. Part 2. Candidates will be
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Major General llawley C.I5. Major General Sir Evelyn Wood
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of their persons which may be accessible at the moment. To box a
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Dovey s statistics show that selection appears to cause a very much
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Lastly the long beak renders the introduction of the finger into the
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to have a very limited interpretation and to mean only punishment
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eighteen new cases had occurred but of these only five had occurred
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tics is that there must be a certain etiological connection between
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cessful 2 2s. are returned to him. Each candidate for the second
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tion. At the post mortem examination the aneurysm now preserved
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treat his observations with extreme tenderness and as if they would
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ease he though it best at present to limit the question an antiseptic
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difficulty of bringing the soft tissues on each side of the median line
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Part I comprises Physics and Chemistry the Principles of Che
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to meet Dr. Ross of Belfast in consultation and after having paid
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cal school of zoology at St. Andrew s. His opportunities for this will
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Conlimted Defects of the Transport and Commissariat. Sir Garnet
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duties and probably the first persons to complain would be his present
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It may be well to describe here the character of the throat affection