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At a meeting of the North of Ireland Branch of the British Medical
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qualification compulsory in each of the three divisions of the kingdom.
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and indeed similar circumstances in the case of large bodies of men
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has employed in his investigations into the patholog gt of the heart
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few simple surgical materials likely to be used in cases of accident.
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weather. The details show that the mean barometric pressure was less
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pox were admitted to the hospital all of which were discharged cured.
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mania arising apparently from the excitement of the Salvation Army
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antiseptic properties must not be applied universally but confined to
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strated that the need for such appliances is by no means imaginary.
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Dr. Bowles opened a discussion on The Ventilation and Manage
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It will however suffice for the present to retain the old designation.
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greatest value to the practical physician as influencing his prognosis
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various official returns show the fallacy of any such hasty and wide
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At a meeting of the fellows of the College on Thursday evening Sir
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Barclay Banflt Dr. James Anderson London Dr. George Edmond
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