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Read in the Sectien of Anatomy and Physiology at the Annual Meeting

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perature of iSSl. Mr. Cogan has some observations on the subject of

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sufficient strength.to sling his hammock and he laid down on the deck.

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expected to be present. The dinner will take place at Willis s Rooms.

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In reference to this case the late period at which perforation oc

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He had tenderness over the bowels and thirst and was still passing

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necessary that the inflammatory swelling excited by the tube be reduced

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man Mr. C. had been laid up for several months with indigestion

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Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the Manager i6ia

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Resolved That.Messrs. Price Water house and Co be appointed

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has become known to any efficient sanitary authority. Thus the best

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which information will be found on consulting the various papers re

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duties to be performed are too highly remunerated. The Local Govern

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could not pass urine but on the catheter being passed the urine was

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Nerve Stretching November 30th Mr. Womack Ferrier s Nerve

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On April loth there was some gastric and intestinal irritation. The

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across the bay to clear oat the quarantine hospital on Port s Island.

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A DISCUSSION has recently taken place at the board meeting of the

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supplied. This being the case their verdict would record the fact that

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the information given to the registrars was supplied by medical students

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There are wards for infants and children and there is a large detached

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