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Two days previously to my seeing him a trocar and cannula had
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The patient continued to improve being troubled only by a tendency
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Certificates I. Of having attended the Surgical Practice of a recog
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The total numtier of deaths from scarlet fever was 251 of which 237
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British Medical Association in I l orcester August 1SS2.
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ment of Sewers. After tracing the history of sewers as applied in
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of acute cases in Fulham Hospital as evidenced by the number of
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cause. In three of ray cases choreic movements followed the occasion
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death rate amongst males in early infancy became aloiost a necessity
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Dr. Ballard on behalf of the Local Government Board.
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the duties of a Medical Officer in any climate. His physical fitness
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Council are the best guides we can have. Your responsibility is very
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them. If they have water closets in the houses as many of them
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Catholic University it can fairly claim not alone the recognition which
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from the sanitary authorities but as soon as the fresh outbreak was
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drive from Christiania. The views of the fjord and its islands are
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In the present state of knowledge it would seem from what has
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Dr. Oliver then spoke of the establishment of Alexandria as a great
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Professor Hi MPHRY remarked that he was much pleased with the
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Medicine and the Methods of Physical Diagnosis at 11. 1 5 on Tuesdays
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feits 3 the Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal Tumours especially those con
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that it requires diamond to cut diamond. The unansweralile reply to