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suitability and action in certain excited conditions of insane patients.

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urethra I was much struck by the extreme redness and vascularity of

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Barlow thought that this scanty secretion pointed to an obstruction

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had special experience in ophthalmia has left England for Jerusalem

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cumstances. The principe that we must follow is to succeed in obli

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arc shipped off to the hospital ship CartUa t for transport to Cyprus

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action excessively weak pulse very feeble 100 temperature 101.4

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blood and attains its full development in the parts affected by the local

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and had been demented since she was eight years old. She had never

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a double aortic murmur a mitral systolic one and much hypertrophy of

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evidence was more than three to one and of sickness at least ten

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a tendency which we must not sweepingly condemn. It has arisen

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gentlemen First Exhibition loo H. P. Dean Second Exhibition

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of tobacco and referred especially to its evil influence during the active

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gallant gentleman I have to say that the present percentages of sick in

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In order to the attainment of the accuracy in diagnosis without which

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of health have decided to close all the infant schools in the city.

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of this House or a Royal Commission to deal with a departmental

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face it exhibits some of the methods which have been adopted for

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much smaller number since. A very little consideration ought to have

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Cameron and Wall as to the best means of establishing an infirmary

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knee tightly flexed after a slight WTcnch three days before. The join I

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months 5 55. for six months at the Lying in Hospital and the

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If the vegetables be in anything like reasonable quantity the lime

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renewal of their licenses by the police authorities 123 were found in

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percent of all Scarlet fever caused 80 deaths in I din

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Council reserved the right to modify or annul the whole arrangement at

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perative ncce iy U to isolate every case immediately and effectually

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We understand that the Council of the College have decided that it

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Apparatus Celluloid Stethoscopes Catheters Bougies Hypodermic

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my first patient through some in.idvertence of the dispenser the bella

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tures of carbolised silk. In spite of free stimulalidn the patient never

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urates. On the 27th his state was unchanged. I ordered an opiate at

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caused their sanitary inspector to consult the Board of Supervision and

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l88o he was awarded the Ettles Scholarship. He then studied in some

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cracks through adhesions which the surgeon himself would have done

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condition even now far too common in British barracks. The army

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very windy one indeed not only San Kemo but the whole of the