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in imminent dinger of losing her life under a surgical operation which

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the presence of sulphuric acid or sulphates in the Huddersfield water

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Some interesting cases having been brought forward by Mr. A. Cole

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phobia although severe and well marked in eight cases was generally

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staff the committee and by past and present students of the hospital

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burst. After some lime the face at that side swelled and the eye

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Its mclusive and exclusive application. I can say from personal knowledge that

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plied over the anterior tibial nerve the foot is drawn forcibly up which

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anogh the visitors to the inmates mingling afterwards with the inhabitants. This

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immediately it flashed through my mind that I had contracted the poison

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the glandiform masses of new growth a Epidermis quite inactive. S e

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tains to laboratories and practical science teaching. These are there is

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did not fall although some amount of shock was present. When ex

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The face is symmetrical in its passive condition and in its movements

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finding ip in sovereigns and a gold watch in a deserted camp in

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in two distinct places within an inch of each other. The diverticulum

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value or 100 a year. By the fourth section all Chancery lunatics are

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proposal for Ireland was also agreed to by nearly all the medical

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factured to be afterwards reabsorbed into the circulation. Now of

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single cell may be thus invaded by defective structure or hair a dozen

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never happens in the case of a healthy subject. In some instances the

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severely from the parasite without showing any symptom of hematuria

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hospital. The mother and another lodger were also attacked. There

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large majority. To my astonishment it was ruled by the Chairman

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and experience. It is nearly thirty years since the first edition of his

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Secretary to the museum before its incorporation continues to occupy

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mission into the hospital was fast sinking from the effects of

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with full antiseptic precautions on June 9th 1S82. An incision six

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Natural Science 300. 10. The subjects for this part of the examina

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hardness extending outwards in the course of the pectoralis flbres. But

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the medical schools as students are permitted to enter for the whole

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so that their fluid may soik away possibly l.eneath the house

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i.o below that for the previous week of the present year. The lowest

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social political and economical changes. Whilst Western Europe has

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sented beads due to curving of the ribs the epiphysal cartilages were

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Henry M Lean Robert MacLelland John M Uonald MacLennan Robert

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The existing forms of vcrtebrata are thus sharply divide lt l into twi.

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the brain with effusion he also expressed an opinion that the deceased

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and this has been most satisfactory. No epidemics have occurred in

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lived miles apart from one another and with the exception of the

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for it has become very evident that the link between the professional

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when the seaside is not attainable. The Laxative Senna Jujubes

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The knee phenomenon was excessive and the plantar reflex was

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lendc in a rccognise lt l school one course each of lectures on.Anatomy

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expenditure of muscular force as possible the spine subsides forming

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don have given 105 to the British Home for Incurables. The