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Fridays on Dental Anatomy and Physiology Human and Compara
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geons and pst morlem examinations are conilucted by the 1 athologist.
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prcviou ly. Ail the dead and carcases were buried but not very deep.
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for except by saying that I presume the places occupied by the sufferers
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above that for the corresponding week of last year and I.I
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Rheumatism a copy of which I h.ive forw.arded to his address
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ter Now over this he wears a perforated home made belt of
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one. Mr. I earce Gould inquired whether the skin in the tirst case
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turn their attention to science at the earliest possible age. La tly
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corruption and pain wailing and moaning without ceasing night and day here she
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for want of means or want of opportunity of gralif .jinivcsl
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evidence before the Commission recommended the admission of the
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Healthy Houses Latham Baldwin Sanitary Engineering Law
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size they have no tendency to retain their mesentery but separate its
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Physician to the East London Hospital for Children.
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hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Dr. Armstrong. A paper was
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ca es to satisfy heads of families householders etc. Measles were
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age to Clifton Street. The proposed extension will probably cost
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cumulating with such rapiditj that the assimilation of all that is
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scope should not be more universally adopted is a matter that calls for
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concert in the dissecting room but also with a concert which was
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results in cases respectively of typical and abnormal characters.
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nor blood spiltiag his breathiag was short there were no physical
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approval that was likely in any way to be derogatory to professional
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The future increase or limitation of legislation are however ques
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regularly but in less quantity than usual. She had missed two periods.
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lity of such a system being practically attainable.
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is not indicated in i. Leeches or scarification on the temple oeai to
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At the quarterly meeting held last week. Dr. Whitla was re elected