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of the sanguineous Solution within a very limited area beyond
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them that we are in some danger of disregarding as unimportant all
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or permanent arrest of the disease but amongst these there have been
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fore to think that the medical profession arc now taking steps to prevent
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medical staff should be duly represented which shjuld meet frequently
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sician for the Diseases of Women and Children. Applications to the Com
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j ic lo the Collrje at Clifton and three days alter
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and in which all ordinary measures are not only utterly inefficacious
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We have never risen from the perusal of an ofecial report emanating
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measles 38 diphtheria 26 croup 22 metria 5 and dysentery
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higher appointments in the medical services of the Queen deserves the
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or the human stomach to digest all these causes and conditions
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must have been derived from the bovine disease the human subjects
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controversy betsveen the medical staff and the governors is about to
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alleged insulticient supply of food to the troops and we hope that the
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most carefully. They considered it with the greatest deference to what
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TTie removal of the limb would not therefore have relieved the tumour
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of the ordinary cultivated mezereon. The child had been sick on the
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apex. The sputum indicated gangrene of the lung and was unaffected
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lobules in which it is formed and subsequent absorption of this bile
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should be glad if others would carefully investigate this point.
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another pit unbricked or with bricks loosely placed so that the liquid
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either by being shut up in a properly constructed hot box far twenty
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year for comparison with others but due regard must be had to the
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of epidemic cholera. Dr. Farr described its rise during 1866 in East
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Service will be determined by the result of examination in these sub
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