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was evidence of great dilatation of the right side of the heart. There
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fessor Turner the avowed and unflinching champion of Scottish in
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innominate. The inner coats of the aorta innominata right carotid
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the subject as to what alterations In the present course of study ihey
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in consequence of sone other structure being first alfected an aflfecion
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He also spoke of the value of zoological investigation stations and
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I think our returns of iKilh surgical and medical cases will well licar
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obi MfvJ 11 were plenty of asylums for children. I should he
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After this failure at legislation the General Medical Council being
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lege Gower Street on Wednesday Noveaber 1st Dr. George Buchanan
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much OS possible. Practically it was like a case of labour delayed at
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notification of infectious diseases as contained in the Chester Improve
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potassium has been found to relieve the pains and to improve the
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Sixth and seventh day very weak tongue dry throat slightly
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commenced six weeks before and grew rapidly extending out
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dentary which has then cartilaginous coronoid condyloid and
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about vivisection and all that it implies. He showed that the highly
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greatly to the umbrage of the Obstetrical Society it was resolved at
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BBt fiee.bBaiT It asf tbocfare b ooddEaoa be siged iba
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other organs in the body which were examined were found healthy.
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adequate to arrest the disease. In my work is introduced a condensed
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sickness does not spare the horses and the Cavalry are suffering severely
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recent letter to the Thna newspaper Mr. Edwin Chadwick expresses
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the Section an account of the experiment which had been going on
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altected side had altered all the former claracters were noticed to
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the lodge was rebnilt. This man was twenty years in the hospital
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with each contraction. The distance between the prominent parts of
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represented abortive hair formation. There was a tendency to inward
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in the chair. The gcntUmcn present were Drs. Constable Leuchars
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ber 2nd Surgical Discussion Intestinal Obstruction introduced by
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