Tired Swindon dad spells out demands of being a father…

Guest post from my Twitter friend @Ianaf72 or Ian Francis from Swindon – we had a little twitter chat about being tired and I challenged him to write a guest blog. Here it is!

‘Man was made at the end of the week’s work when God was tired’

I’ve included this quote, not because it’s particularly relevant to this blog, but because I hope it would make me seem more intelligent to the mums who work in media reading this site.
I’m not intelligent.  The fact I’m typing this, when I could be taking the opportunity to sleep, is proof of that.
And in my case, that is my failing: that I don’t manage my time effectively and take the opportunities I have to rest.  I could play the sympathy card and state that I’m tired because I’m a modern dad with a two and a half year old daughter (which is partly true) – but she sleeps much better nowadays.  I’m just bad at listening to my body.
Now's the time to sleep? or is it?

Now’s the time to sleep? or is it?

Take last night.  My wife was away (she was working, not on a jolly) and I was solely in charge.  I managed bath-time and bedtime with efficiency, and got to eat before midnight.  I went to bed early (I was in bed by 8.30!) What did I do? Did I crash, safe in the knowledge that I’d get a few hours solid sleep? No – I did some work (I did work, promise) – 1 point to me; I then spent far too much time on twitter (as always) and then played Football Manager (you’ll know that ladies, it’s what takes loving partners away from you for weeks at a time).  Minus 2 points.  I finally turned out the light at 11.30pm.
So – I can whinge and whine that I’m tired; and I can tell myself that it’s the pressures that life places on me – but the reality is, I’m obsessed with the unimportant things which steal time from us all if we’re not careful.
I guess I can catch up with my beauty sleep whilst being made to watch Despicable Me for the 200th time.
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  1. Victor Martin Hunt (@Methusalada) says:

    I can only comment as a father and as a grandfather which is very different today from 30 plus years ago.
    My comment is that I experienced a new found joy that comes into one’s life on the birth of the first child. The important ingredients for parent’s in this situation i.e the birth of a second child & a 2 & 1/2 toddler is different, then you need HELP! Help from for the family , particularly the wife’s Mother , sisters or aunts. Maybe from the husband’s family also ? If you have neither or have not asked for family help you have a problem,big problems. Secondly the husbands employer must allow him to have sufficient time off from work ( real time off )
    If you are self employed person with contractual obligations then you almost likely to have major problems without preparation. These must be sorted out months ahead of the birth of the 2nd child, even if you fortunate enough to be able to afford a nanny McPhee.
    Finally ,when the 2nd born child reaches the 2-3 year old stage and the husband has not deserted the marital home or not having mental breakdown with his in laws or vice versa: then maybe the whole family can have a restful rescue holiday Te He he! It’s at this stage most fathers begin to see their parents in a different light even the wife’s parents.

    Whoops & Urgh ! I nearly forgot sleep training habits ,these must be conducted from day 0 from the birth of the first child . Sleep training is not for the parents to go to sleep ,but for 1st child to gain regular sleep habits as this requires routine & dedication from both parents especially Dads. Some Dads like to come home from work and continuously play in admiration of their first prodigy miracle. I digress, as time goes by and you both foolishly begin thinking of family enlargement and want to repeat this whole masochistic experience again, then I can only suggest that you must both be mentally deranged parents, sadomasochists or the children of parents with divine wisdom.
    I leave you one lasting thought on the 3rd or 4th birthday of your 2nd child and your wife becomes broody again. Tell her that triplets run in your family, however she may then suggest that you have the snip ! Think about that Daddy as you tuck your little darlings to sleep tonight, before you eagerly & quietly make your exit off to play or watch football. You should be planning the building of your first Wendy house or Castle.

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