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he suffered from a subacute form of mania showing itself in occa
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crepancy between Dr. Littlejohn s and the Scotsma t s statements regarding the
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officers who are engaged in private practice if so it will be difficult
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would before entering on such position have to be formally appointed.
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motely affected by it. It intimates to the senior officers in language
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many other kinds of disease and thus it is occasionally found to benefit
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two to the spine but was desisted from in consequence of opisthotonus
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Professor Stirling gave a special lecture in the physiological class
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Deo a Hindoo shrine about sixty miles to the north of Jedpore where
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necessary to produce a practical result. To sum up by wearing pro
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Rogers mentioned a case unoer his own care. Some pyrexia followed
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English edition of Professor Bonder s work on the Anomalies of
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appiarances weremost similar to those of sarcoma hehad doubted whether
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Communications respecting editorial matters boaM be aUdttssed totheEtUtor
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be expected to fathom without serious difficulty. The proper function
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of accurate observation and high imaginative power to medical studies
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At a recent meeting of the University Court a resolution was passed
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that is to say their cells take on a proliferous action in consequence
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The electoral hoard is composed as follows the Itishop of Winchester
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should be a medically educated man the Medical. ct of 185S pl.tced
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by pyrexia or large expectoration or by both. The rest of the patients
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and the boys allowed to try to sleep. This however they appeared
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Samuel Scholfield an inmate of the Lancaster County Asylum at
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tion of being present the guests will number alMul eighty. The
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whose changes in the nursing arrangements brought about so much
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honoured customs are uncalled for seeing hat predecessors I have
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sent the rapidity of the diminution further back. But supposing we
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is the incus there is no malleus in the Sauropsida.
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witnesses who had appeared lieforc the Committees. The imjMjrtance
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but the plan is objectionable because it necessitates the fixing of the
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of scientific and professional interest an organ recital was given in the
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nor any imperfection or disability that can interfere with the clBcient
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A MEETING of the Committee of Council will be held in the Council
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raise the income of the medical superintendent Dr. Howden from
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the exploration was made by the grooved needle for the detection of
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from this opening whilst the other was filled with granulations and
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those interested in the study of fevers. They are both statistical and
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Absorbent Dressings Prepared Millboard Splints and Tenax. The
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covered the real cause of sick headache to be hypermetropia and
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If surgeons of militia were nut entitled lo pensions how was is ihat
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to he put into requisition for such purposes having been closed by the
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motor power in many of the cases under my observation more parti
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ing the two nearly separated parts of the auricle b extremely small.
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Blandford on Wednesday October 25th 1882. The business meeting will be held
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The Sanitary Committee of the Police Commission Dundee have
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to act as public analysts but that they will know the methods of
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cal ocular paralyses are usually either nuclear or cortical symmetrical
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pulse were natural the temperature was normal. No return of any
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Guttmann and Frsenkel in Germany and the Zan on June 22nd
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A committee is being formed to make the necessary arrangements