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of accurate observation and high imaginative power to medical studies

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Oi will after refraction proceed in a direction parallel to one

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typhoid fever the fact that they have a definite period of duration and

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been the case and the alopecia stood in no relation to them.

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diseases of animals which are communicible to man. The Committee

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Many points connected with this parasite still wait an explanation

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antiseptic intensity being many limes more powerful than pure per

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tliat such practices are not unlikely to lead to serious miscarriages of

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noticeable that she attempted to overcome this by using her fingers to

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wounded are the opposite of the fact. The men on the Malabar

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a suspicion of caries deeper down the exostosis itself being no doubt

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valium convulsion posologie

pedicle the edges of the incision in the dura mater were brought gently

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which finally ruptured and allowed them to escape. The specimens

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general rule the patches are uniform in colour but occasionally they

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carried by the air which gets caught behind the eyelids and causes

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disappointment but was assured this had not troubled her at all. The

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and the coldness of the nights for the soldiers who bivouac are the

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the State for imparting the knowledge you desie. You will find none

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pediency of resorting to State aid for middle class schools. But a man

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accuracy of Professor de Chaumont s remarks with reference to the re

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immediately after the operation and on the following morning but he

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so many OJ lt mortem records reveal deep seated mischief not observed

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curred on September gth at the same place on this occasion it may

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Sir Thomas AVitson is in a state of increasing debility not able to

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brane had already been opened. A long period had elapsed during

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alcoholic principle on strictly scientific grounds and with a view to the

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guardians. Mr. Grubb attended within an hour or two of bis meeting

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sioned officers of good character but he did not get beyond Calcutta.

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purged but had not passed blood or slime. There were no spots.

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In conclusion allow me to commend to the attention of clinical

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by Baboo Preonat Bose. Ramchum Chunder a native hawker was

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lected was a primipara very fat delivered on l8th March 1S82 with

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majority of cases of lateral curvature the curves form chiefly or only

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able arrangements for which its medical staff deserve their full share of

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rubbed once with this ointment and are then well powdered and

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last 1 have seen. The patient was a married woman aged 38.

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others. We thus get rid of the necessity of establishing any regular

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SiK In my previous communication I have pointed out some of the innumerable

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