Wiltshire journalist shares her story to inspire women throughout the UK

My story shared in Playing & Staying At The Top of Your Game

Have you ever thought - I'd like to write a book? I'd like to tell my story? Can I write a book? Would anyone actually be interested?    As a person who does a lot of writing as part of my business, it may seem strange to tell you that I've … [Read more...]

A levels – isn’t it wonderful that teenagers will pass or fail in three hours?

A mum's view of changes to the A level

The Government has announced A levels are changing. Qualifications will now be based solely upon the ability to pass or fail within a three-hour window of time after two years' of study. When I'm writing for anyone else, I would write about … [Read more...]

GCSEs and A levels are easier…so let’s make them harder. Really?

Everyone should have a chance to shine.....

I always find this time of year frustrating when exam results come out for young people - results on which the future depends - or so it seems for those affected. For young people of 16 or 18, getting the 'right' results can feel like it's the only … [Read more...]

When you left school, how did you feel? Share your experience.

Before you know it - she's 18.....

My stepdaughter is a few days away from finishing school, A levels completed. It's a time that she, and many like her, have been waiting for - that moment when you are free and able to take charge of your own destiny. Or is it? Looking back, I … [Read more...]

Should our press be free – or not? Review my thoughts…

Don't restrict the Press.....

This week I was asked to fill in a survey about press freedom and the phone-hacking scandal. It's part of a study by a university which is questioning journalists across Europe about their views on the issue of regulation of the Press. Those of … [Read more...]

Tuition fees – they’re a great idea? Aren’t they?

Facing the future - to pay or not to pay? for university.

Today was a proud day for me - my beautiful step-daughter embraced the spotlight and appeared on BBC1 in the West presenting a film about tuition fees. In a short film for regional current affairs programme Inside Out West, she talked about the … [Read more...]

What to talk about today? Riots, the economy, or exam results?

Take a deep breath and find another way!

What a day today, the rain in Swindon hasn't stopped for a minute and it's been a momentous day for many young people awaiting A level results. Five minutes ago that was me. Turning up at my school as early as possible. But I wasn't one … [Read more...]