The police, young people and mental health…in Wiltshire…

Today I'm reproducing an article I wrote for my family column in the weekly newspaper, The Gazette & Herald, which covers much of the county of Wiltshire. It was published on Thursday August 29 2013  and I'm reproducing it here at the request of … [Read more...]

Who’s watching your business video? Disney? Virgin?

Showcase what you do - especially if YOU are your business....

Have you ever considered having a film made about you and your business? Showcasing your ability as a guest speaker, as a workshop leader, describing your service or product? Have you thought about what you'll say, how you'll say it, what you'll … [Read more...]

Review of Channel 4’s DDay live programme – wow!

I don't know if any of you watched the amazing programmes on Channel 4 over the last couple of days about D Day. When hubby said he wanted to watch it, I visibly groaned. How dull. How wrong was I. Using the lovely Peter Snow, they did a … [Read more...]

Happy New Year – my top ten festive moans…..

The Scott family Christmas tree - design is not our forte, variety and interest is....

It's 2013 and welcome to my Christmas and New Year top ten pet hates about the festive and holiday season. Everyone has to have a rant now and then -  me more than most. So this week it's the things which irritate me about Christmas and the New … [Read more...]

Review of two films in UK cinemas now – what do you think?

Cheetah sitting on anthill in Mara Kenya

I love the cinema - really, really love it. But I don't always get time to see all the films I'd like so recently I had a cinema day - yes I went twice in a day. It's a quite surreal thing to do, especially at this time of year. It can feel like … [Read more...]

What has Twitter done for you this week? Come on – share the pr love!

Twitter and social media outcomes

Today, I decided to talk about a week where social media has really started to show its power. I've been taking social media seriously now for the last two years, sometimes feeling as if I'm too embedded in a virtual environment - a bit like that … [Read more...]

Olympics, Paralympics? What benefits will come to Swindon?

First Olympic Torch bearer in Swindon

Last week I saw the Olympic Torch come through Swindon and it was a proud moment - and it has made me reflect on our county's involvement in the greatest show on earth. We have many Olympic hopefuls based in Wiltshire - runners, swimmers, fencers, … [Read more...]

Selling off Titanic treasures – some articles are a pleasure to write….

Two articles from Fiona in May's Wiltshire Life

An article about an auction of Titanic memorabilia and the man behind the auction - is the subject of a piece I've had published in May's local lifestyle magazine Wiltshire Life.   I'm proud to be a contributor to this publication … [Read more...]

Disabled? In receipt of benefits? Need social care?

Are there any thorny questions around these laws?

This is a different sort of blog for me - it's my journalist head trying to get at the truth of the matter, so this will be particularly relevant to you if you are disabled, in receipt of benefits or in need of social care. Two important pieces of … [Read more...]

Hotel maid apparently not able to take on powerful money man

Reporting a rape or sexual assault can be a 'pig' of an ordeal....

You all know the case in America to which I am referring. A hotel maid claims that she is sexually assaulted by a high ranking person in the world of international finance. He denies forcing himself on her, she claims a crime was committed against … [Read more...]