Rolf Harris, sexual abuse and the world of television and the media

Are you being abused?

As we know - this week, entertainer Rolf Harris was sent to prison for abusing children - using his celebrity status as a cloak for his disgusting activities. His past has now caught up with him, he's paying the price and so will his family. Justice … [Read more...]

Director of the Graham Norton show talks about his life as a carer – part two

Steve & Robert

This is part two of a story which I started telling during national Carers' Week last week - it's very easy to have a stereotypical view of what a carer looks like. However, in my experience, no one chooses such a role. Life simply demands it - and … [Read more...]

Wiltshire journalist shares her story to inspire women throughout the UK

My story shared in Playing & Staying At The Top of Your Game

Have you ever thought - I'd like to write a book? I'd like to tell my story? Can I write a book? Would anyone actually be interested?    As a person who does a lot of writing as part of my business, it may seem strange to tell you that I've … [Read more...]

Hope in the midst of horror – the killing of a soldier in Woolwich

Let's not let anger and fear make us blind to the good things.....

A young soldier is attacked and killed in full public view on our streets, seemingly by extremists intent on creating fear and panic among the population at large. An act of violence and abomination. A  terrible, terrible event for the family, … [Read more...]

Where does sexual innuendo between men and women at work cross the line?

I've faced up to sexual harassment - but did I do it the right way or not?

Just felt the need today to blog about the whole discussion over sexual harassment in the light of the latest debate surrounding a particular politician. I listened to a discussion on a weekly political show, on a weekend discussion programme … [Read more...]

Happy New Year – my top ten festive moans…..

The Scott family Christmas tree - design is not our forte, variety and interest is....

It's 2013 and welcome to my Christmas and New Year top ten pet hates about the festive and holiday season. Everyone has to have a rant now and then -  me more than most. So this week it's the things which irritate me about Christmas and the New … [Read more...]

A few things I hate about LinkedIn….please don’t sell at me!

Don't yell at me with your marketing message on LinkedIn - that's not what I like. Tell me quietly and I'll consider.....

Today's blog is a bit of a rant. I cannot help it but within the space of 12 hours, two things about LinkedIn have really annoyed me. It's also made me think about the role each social media offering plays in my life, both professional and … [Read more...]

Filming means going that extra mile – high!

Swindon's magic roundabout from top of high tower!

This week we've been filming with Wiltshire Fire Brigade looking at the valuable, but often unseen work, done by the fire safety specialists. A team within the fire brigade works day in day out, trying to prevent fires and accidents. They go into … [Read more...]

Disabled? In receipt of benefits? Need social care?

Are there any thorny questions around these laws?

This is a different sort of blog for me - it's my journalist head trying to get at the truth of the matter, so this will be particularly relevant to you if you are disabled, in receipt of benefits or in need of social care. Two important pieces of … [Read more...]

Could you be a stand-up comedian? Are you the next Billy Connelly?

Could you do stand-up comedy! I know I wouldn't have the bottle.....

Christmas is a really good time to review television programmes for a blogger like me as part of my celebrations involves seeking out interesting and offbeat programmes. Last night I watched Imagine...the Art of Stand-Up (Part One) and I really … [Read more...]