Are you a South West entrepreneur thinking ‘why bother with Twitter’?

Fiona 2013 - 3

Today I was asked to write a blog post about Twitter - so I'm happy to oblige. Why? Well, as a media consultant and journalist I often hear comments like 'why bother with Twitter?' or 'I'm on Twitter but I've no idea what to do'. These phrases are … [Read more...]

Wiltshire journalist shares her story to inspire women throughout the UK

My story shared in Playing & Staying At The Top of Your Game

Have you ever thought - I'd like to write a book? I'd like to tell my story? Can I write a book? Would anyone actually be interested?    As a person who does a lot of writing as part of my business, it may seem strange to tell you that I've … [Read more...]

How to create a community magazine – the ups & downs…

Is Asda for the community - what do you think?

I've decided that I'm going to do a series of related blogs about the challenges of creating a community magazine SWINDON HERITAGE -   Back in January, a group of three people in Swindon - Graham, Mark and Frances - … [Read more...]

What is the potential return on investment of PR?

Graham Hill gets the award for Enterpreneur of the Month for the second time in 2012.

Many business owners hear the term 'public relations' or 'pr' and think 'I don't need this, there's no evidence of a return on investment' or, as I've heard more than once: 'I want bangs for my buck' or 'where's the bums on seats?'. Personally, I … [Read more...]

The Budget – what do journalists think?

Better off? Or worried about extra costs?

It's Budget Day - a day when some journalists groan and yawn and others get all flustered with excitement. If you are producing a programme, especially a debate about the Budget or an impending Budget, the hardest job is to find participants. And … [Read more...]

Who cares what a journalist thinks? You?

Think people, think unusual, think pictures...

Sue and I have just attended a networking event in Swindon which we regularly attend. We like the event's very relaxed, social atmosphere and had invited a client along too (Tailored For You). When I arrived, Sue and our client were chatting away … [Read more...]