I’m a parrot with a splash of eagle, hint of dove. What about you?

No, I'm not a peacock..I'm a parrot....

Since being in business, I've come to realise that understanding yourself can be key to success. There are lots of things I know about myself but when I became self-employed, there was one thing I didn't know - could I actually do it? Could I … [Read more...]

What kind of personality are you? Compliant? Steady?

Have you ever had your personality profile done? I've had it done twice now. The first time it was interesting, fascinating but not that revealing. The second time, through I Am Woman, it made so much sense and I can honestly say its had an … [Read more...]

What is the potential return on investment of PR?

Graham Hill gets the award for Enterpreneur of the Month for the second time in 2012.

Many business owners hear the term 'public relations' or 'pr' and think 'I don't need this, there's no evidence of a return on investment' or, as I've heard more than once: 'I want bangs for my buck' or 'where's the bums on seats?'. Personally, I … [Read more...]

Putting the DIY into PR


I’ve worked with many small businesses and charities over the years and have found that plenty would like to have a regular presence in the media or online but few have the budget to match. PR takes time, and while a couple of articles in the press … [Read more...]

What has Twitter done for you this week? Come on – share the pr love!

Twitter and social media outcomes

Today, I decided to talk about a week where social media has really started to show its power. I've been taking social media seriously now for the last two years, sometimes feeling as if I'm too embedded in a virtual environment - a bit like that … [Read more...]

Hidden businesses who don’t realise their worth

leny estate - great place to stay, where's the pr

I've just spent a week in Scotland combining work and pleasure with a trip to various places from Edinburgh and Scotland. It's been over a decade since my last visit so I really enjoyed the chance to travel around and enjoy the beauty of the scenery … [Read more...]

Summer holidays which cost loadsa money!!!!

Where would you draw the line in paying for kids' activities?

Parents are now dealing with the summer holiday season and with that comes the cost of having children off school. I'm not talking about the speed at which food is hoovered up (I bought six big yoghurts and they were gone within a few hours) or the … [Read more...]