Fracking – is it on your radar yet? Coming to the south west in 2014….

This is an article which appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald on January 2 2014 and includes an interview with mum Becky Martin, a scientist by profession. As 2014 dawns, it could be a very important year for one campaigning mum from … [Read more...]

The police, young people and mental health…in Wiltshire…

Today I'm reproducing an article I wrote for my family column in the weekly newspaper, The Gazette & Herald, which covers much of the county of Wiltshire. It was published on Thursday August 29 2013  and I'm reproducing it here at the request of … [Read more...]

Happy New Year – my top ten festive moans…..

The Scott family Christmas tree - design is not our forte, variety and interest is....

It's 2013 and welcome to my Christmas and New Year top ten pet hates about the festive and holiday season. Everyone has to have a rant now and then -  me more than most. So this week it's the things which irritate me about Christmas and the New … [Read more...]

Racism in schools today – does it happen? What do you think?

Life isn't black or white....

Racism has been on my mind this week for three reasons. One I'm making a film for broadcast which, by its nature, brings up issues of racism. The film is not about racism but the subject matter means that it's inevitable that it's discussed during … [Read more...]

Welcome to the school which has no bullies! (Really?)

Is your child being bullied?

Today I felt a flash of anger - as the issue of bullying came up in the news yet again. For us in the west, there's a very sad news story about a young girl who died from hanging in Somerset. Her parents have spoken at the inquest of bullying at … [Read more...]

When you left school, how did you feel? Share your experience.

Before you know it - she's 18.....

My stepdaughter is a few days away from finishing school, A levels completed. It's a time that she, and many like her, have been waiting for - that moment when you are free and able to take charge of your own destiny. Or is it? Looking back, I … [Read more...]

School SATS results – are you pleased?


It’s the last day of term today and a day of analysis. The Key Stage 2 test results for Primary Schools are printed and I’ve found myself pouring anxiously over the fine details regarding my children’s school in a way that’s horribly … [Read more...]

A portfolio career – is it for you?


Every so often, Fiona and I like to branch out and do something a little different. While Fiona never stops, whether she's making a documentary, writing a column or advising on PR work, I find my other interests are in a very different direction. So … [Read more...]

First day back at school – what’s it like for you? From one Swindon mum.

First day at school can seem like a long, uphill slog

Today many children went back to school - as a mum of three, I have three of these days to deal with this year as all three children are at different stages. Today will possibly be the most long-winded and it reminded me of the trauma that many … [Read more...]

Should we put sports’ day photos on social media sites?

school playing field running track

Today was sports day at my children's school. It was a fun day and they did really well. I took some great pics and was all ready to publish them in action on Facebook - didn't really think about it being a problem.   Then a text … [Read more...]