Fracking – is it on your radar yet? Coming to the south west in 2014….

This is an article which appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald on January 2 2014 and includes an interview with mum Becky Martin, a scientist by profession. As 2014 dawns, it could be a very important year for one campaigning mum from … [Read more...]

I’m a parrot with a splash of eagle, hint of dove. What about you?

No, I'm not a peacock..I'm a parrot....

Since being in business, I've come to realise that understanding yourself can be key to success. There are lots of things I know about myself but when I became self-employed, there was one thing I didn't know - could I actually do it? Could I … [Read more...]

Three poor excuses for not taking part in difficult interviews.

Today I want to talk about some of the things journalists are asked to when they approach organisations for an interview - particularly when that interview might be difficult. This might be a business which is facing some kind of legal action, … [Read more...]

Hope in the midst of horror – the killing of a soldier in Woolwich

Let's not let anger and fear make us blind to the good things.....

A young soldier is attacked and killed in full public view on our streets, seemingly by extremists intent on creating fear and panic among the population at large. An act of violence and abomination. A ¬†terrible, terrible event for the family, … [Read more...]

Child benefit, Leveson – a 2012 rant from a Wiltshire mum

Image of a five pound note

As journalists, we are not often able to express opinions about political things - and many of us just don't want to - but today is different. Today I feel the need to say what I think both as a journalist and as a mum - and it's two gripes here: … [Read more...]

At a time of pride over the Olympics – we’re celebrating too!!! Find out why?

Excuses to avoid being interviewed are often not pretty

Today I feel hugely proud of our company, Mellow Media Ltd, as I have just attended a meeting which brought to a close three months' work on an amazing project. We have played an important part in running, developing and implementing a marketing … [Read more...]

Review of my year – what was 2011 like for you?

Reflecting on life during 2011.....

Today seems the right day to review my year in all aspects of my life - it's a cathartic experience and helps get things in perspective. Professionally it's been a good year. For Fiona the journalist - I've made several films covering subjects … [Read more...]

Ever made a mistake? Review it!

Be careful when accusing a journalist of making a mistake - it could bite you!

What's the worst mistake you've ever made? I'd love to know --- and what did you do about it? I recently read in my local newspaper a letter from a new restaurant owner in Swindon about a review written by a journalist. She's attended his/her … [Read more...]

Gadgets, Stephen Fry and me!

What gadget stands out for you?

I can't help but watch this Channel 4 programme about Stephen Fry's 100 gadgets. I'm falling for this latest in a long line of 'Top 100 this or that' and I can't help it. Does someone as intelligent as Stephen Fry like the same gadgets as me, … [Read more...]

I want to hear about tennis – not the fluffy stuff

tennis ball to left of frame resting on grass

It's great when you've got a long drive home from the office to listen to the radio - Five Live is my choice - and enjoy the ride. I'm sure it's the same for you if you have a long commute (mum or not).   So Wimbledon … [Read more...]