Round-up of news – no, it’s not about phone hacking!

We've raised millions for needy in Africa so far....

So the hacking saga goes on with resignations and revelations galore - with all other news disappearing out of sight. It's a shame that everything hinges around this, even though it is important. It just feels like it completely obliterates other … [Read more...]

Television journalists have to jump through hoops to tell simple stories

Thank goodness we can reveal wrongdoing...

As I listen to the latest on the phone-hacking scandal, the select committee, the investigation by a judge and so on - I reflect on the hoops us journalists who work in television have to go through to tell the simplest of stories.   I'm … [Read more...]

Phone-hacking is not the only news in the world

mum takes day off work to tell her story

I cannot help but write about the phone-hacking scandal which continues to rumble on - it's there in the background for most people but for journalists it's still the main topic of conversation.   As I've intimated previously that's … [Read more...]

Phone hacking – a journalist’s view.

When is it right to secretly record anything as a journalist?

Phone hacking - it's inevitable that I need to talk about this, being a journalist.   Have I ever hacked anyone's phone? No.   Have I ever been aware of any other journalist doing so? No.   Would I do it? No, it's … [Read more...]