Am I a special customer? Or am I a pain in the backside?


It's the Easter holidays and I've taken a few days off to spend time with my children.  I'm not alone in this of course. When I do take time off with the children and we spend a few days out and about - one thing which really bugs me is poor … [Read more...]

Shopping in cities – it’s the parking, stupid!


Sometimes it takes an expert to state the obvious to get those in power to take notice. This morning retail guru Mary Portas did just that by mentioning parking charges as one of the main reasons why many of us no longer use the high street. It’s … [Read more...]

First day back at school – what’s it like for you? From one Swindon mum.

First day at school can seem like a long, uphill slog

Today many children went back to school - as a mum of three, I have three of these days to deal with this year as all three children are at different stages. Today will possibly be the most long-winded and it reminded me of the trauma that many … [Read more...]

Road users who drive me mad!

picture of a car, side view with one wheel showing

This morning as I drove down a dual carriage way in Swindon - a cyclist, making his way out of town on the other side of the road, crossed the very wide green verge and then crossed in front of two lines of cars on my side of the road. Luckily … [Read more...]