Three poor excuses for not taking part in difficult interviews.

Today I want to talk about some of the things journalists are asked to when they approach organisations for an interview - particularly when that interview might be difficult. This might be a business which is facing some kind of legal action, … [Read more...]

Where does sexual innuendo between men and women at work cross the line?

I've faced up to sexual harassment - but did I do it the right way or not?

Just felt the need today to blog about the whole discussion over sexual harassment in the light of the latest debate surrounding a particular politician. I listened to a discussion on a weekly political show, on a weekend discussion programme … [Read more...]

GCSEs and A levels are easier…so let’s make them harder. Really?

Everyone should have a chance to shine.....

I always find this time of year frustrating when exam results come out for young people - results on which the future depends - or so it seems for those affected. For young people of 16 or 18, getting the 'right' results can feel like it's the only … [Read more...]


Have you seen the mob mentality close up?

I'm listening to Question Time talking about riots as I'm writing this. Here in Swindon, for three evenings in a row there has been rumour and counter-rumour about trouble in the town centre. To my knowledge, nothing's happened.   Shops … [Read more...]

Good news stories that stay with you – especially if you’re a bit soppy!

Coffee and networking

Some good news stories just stand out for a journalist – think unusual, heart-rending, human interest and ‘slow time of year’. One I always remember, for me, showed the absolute key importance of contacts. In business speak, networking. I was … [Read more...]