Should our press be free – or not? Review my thoughts…

Don't restrict the Press.....

This week I was asked to fill in a survey about press freedom and the phone-hacking scandal. It's part of a study by a university which is questioning journalists across Europe about their views on the issue of regulation of the Press. Those of … [Read more...]

Who cares what a journalist thinks? You?

Think people, think unusual, think pictures...

Sue and I have just attended a networking event in Swindon which we regularly attend. We like the event's very relaxed, social atmosphere and had invited a client along too (Tailored For You). When I arrived, Sue and our client were chatting away … [Read more...]

Ever made a mistake? Review it!

Be careful when accusing a journalist of making a mistake - it could bite you!

What's the worst mistake you've ever made? I'd love to know --- and what did you do about it? I recently read in my local newspaper a letter from a new restaurant owner in Swindon about a review written by a journalist. She's attended his/her … [Read more...]

Phone hacking – a journalist’s view.

When is it right to secretly record anything as a journalist?

Phone hacking - it's inevitable that I need to talk about this, being a journalist.   Have I ever hacked anyone's phone? No.   Have I ever been aware of any other journalist doing so? No.   Would I do it? No, it's … [Read more...]