Wiltshire mum breaks free of corporate trap

This article was first published in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald's family column, written by me, in October 2013. Due to requests from various sources, I'm reproducing it here.   The day I met Holly Scott-Donaldson from Pewsey, she was … [Read more...]

At a time of pride over the Olympics – we’re celebrating too!!! Find out why?

Excuses to avoid being interviewed are often not pretty

Today I feel hugely proud of our company, Mellow Media Ltd, as I have just attended a meeting which brought to a close three months' work on an amazing project. We have played an important part in running, developing and implementing a marketing … [Read more...]

First day back at school – what’s it like for you? From one Swindon mum.

First day at school can seem like a long, uphill slog

Today many children went back to school - as a mum of three, I have three of these days to deal with this year as all three children are at different stages. Today will possibly be the most long-winded and it reminded me of the trauma that many … [Read more...]


Police worry about some children who are out of control

Watching the news tonight and I listened to the mum of 13-year-old boy justifying why her son went to the riots with a hammer strapped to his leg. He wasn't rioting, but he was there. The hammer was for his own protection. She was lamenting the … [Read more...]

Round-up of news – no, it’s not about phone hacking!

We've raised millions for needy in Africa so far....

So the hacking saga goes on with resignations and revelations galore - with all other news disappearing out of sight. It's a shame that everything hinges around this, even though it is important. It just feels like it completely obliterates other … [Read more...]

The press are only interested in bad news……

cafe in Ireland with words 'come on in, the kettle's on the boil'

This is a mantra I hear frequently when people talk about the traditional media and it always shows me how little we consider where news comes from.   News comes from human beings who are doing things – journalists have no magic wands, … [Read more...]