The police, young people and mental health…in Wiltshire…

Today I'm reproducing an article I wrote for my family column in the weekly newspaper, The Gazette & Herald, which covers much of the county of Wiltshire. It was published on Thursday August 29 2013  and I'm reproducing it here at the request of … [Read more...]

In God’s waiting room – Mandela and Jean?

Remembering Will Filer....

Today I'm writing about something very personal - something which those who are connected with me on Facebook may well have picked up already. The truth is my godmother, who was 93 on Saturday, is dying. She's slowly slipping away to whatever … [Read more...]

Review my new column – out in Wiltshire on Thursday!

Family pages for Gazette & Herald

It's with some pride that today I can shout about my new FAMILY column in the local weekly newspaper in Wiltshire. Rush out and buy it on Thursday! Or even better buy a subscription. The Gazette & Herald, which covers Chippenham, Malmesbury, … [Read more...]

Childcare costs preventing you from working? What’s the story?

By working, my children have more opportunities to do things....

BBC's Panorama ran a programme about the cost of childcare in the UK for working parents. It's a hot potato but nothing new for a parent like me who has always worked since having my first child over 12 years ago. Inevitably it brought out those who … [Read more...]

Gary Speed commits suicide – should we be asking why?

Gary Speed's family face an uphill struggle to deal with his death...

The untimely death of footballer and Wales football manager  Gary Speed has made me reflect over the last few days. How much do we really know about those around us? What is it like to face such a tragedy in a family? I didn't know Gary Speed, … [Read more...]