The police, young people and mental health…in Wiltshire…

Today I'm reproducing an article I wrote for my family column in the weekly newspaper, The Gazette & Herald, which covers much of the county of Wiltshire. It was published on Thursday August 29 2013  and I'm reproducing it here at the request of … [Read more...]

Should our press be free – or not? Review my thoughts…

Don't restrict the Press.....

This week I was asked to fill in a survey about press freedom and the phone-hacking scandal. It's part of a study by a university which is questioning journalists across Europe about their views on the issue of regulation of the Press. Those of … [Read more...]

Do you have a website? Save your cookies? You MUST take action!

Does your website use cookies? You will probably be needing to read this blog then!.....

How many times have you seen the word 'cookie' in relation to computers, websites and the internet and just don't have a clue what it means - in fact, don't even care? It's just one of those terms which us technophobes skim over and ignore, … [Read more...]

Juror jailed over social media chat about court case

child showing just mouth with finger up as if saying ssshhh!

Only a week or so ago I warned about chattering about court cases on social media sites. Mad really, given how much I like to chatter myself. But there's chatter - and there's chatter. Talking about a court case when you've little knowledge of how … [Read more...]

Motorhome dilemma – what would you do? pr opportunity?

line of caravans parked up

MOTORHOME DILEMMA – WHAT WOULD YOU DO? THE FOLLOWING STORY IS TRUE… You are a journalist working on a national television show which often deals with consumer issues. You speak to a police officer who’s having problems with a company which … [Read more...]