Have you forgotten Meredith? It’s all about Miss Knox.

Let's not forget Meredith....

Social media world is buzzing tonight with the freeing of Amanda Knox, as an Italian appeal court quashes her conviction for killing Meredith Kercher, from London.   It's interesting as a UK resident to see the American reaction to this … [Read more...]

9/11 Ten years on – terror attack or not?

Ten years after 9/11 - Question Time

Question Time has returned and they are talking about 9/11 - not surprising given this weekend's tenth anniversary. But just before that on BBC3 was a programme involving a group of young people being taken around America who were all convinced … [Read more...]

Motorhome story – a pr dilemma?

row of caravans in woodland setting

Last week I described a scenario to you where a police officer had almost come to blows with a company over the purchase of a very expensive motorhome.   To re-cap, the £40,000 vehicle was a lemon and the company was refusing to replace it, … [Read more...]