When a bad day at the office turns into bad PR

Next time punch a cashion

I have just seen a most fabulous example of bad PR on a website. It’s so bad I thought I’d share it with you as it illustrates how important it is for a company to regularly check their internet profile. I’m talking about more than just … [Read more...]

Ever made a mistake? Review it!

Be careful when accusing a journalist of making a mistake - it could bite you!

What's the worst mistake you've ever made? I'd love to know --- and what did you do about it? I recently read in my local newspaper a letter from a new restaurant owner in Swindon about a review written by a journalist. She's attended his/her … [Read more...]

Should we put sports’ day photos on social media sites?

school playing field running track

Today was sports day at my children's school. It was a fun day and they did really well. I took some great pics and was all ready to publish them in action on Facebook - didn't really think about it being a problem.   Then a text … [Read more...]