Are you rascist? Football matches or elsewhere? Are you sure?

No rascism even in the heat of the moment.....

I'm not a football fan - I've only been to a few matches and I've never grasped the off-side rule and, frankly, if someone explains it to me I'm asleep by the end of the very long sentence. But I have been interested in this latest argument about … [Read more...]

Round-up of news – no, it’s not about phone hacking!

We've raised millions for needy in Africa so far....

So the hacking saga goes on with resignations and revelations galore - with all other news disappearing out of sight. It's a shame that everything hinges around this, even though it is important. It just feels like it completely obliterates other … [Read more...]

I want to hear about tennis – not the fluffy stuff

tennis ball to left of frame resting on grass

It's great when you've got a long drive home from the office to listen to the radio - Five Live is my choice - and enjoy the ride. I'm sure it's the same for you if you have a long commute (mum or not).   So Wimbledon … [Read more...]