Corporate DVDs – do you need one?


It’s been a busy few weeks but our latest corporate DVD is complete. It’s been a quick turnaround – from conception to completion in under two months – and we, and the client, are extremely pleased with the end product. We’ve been making a … [Read more...]

Titanic – what does the story mean to you? Review my thoughts….

How much would you pay for a set of keys?...

Titanic! No not the film - I couldn't bear to watch it again - no, for me, it's the real story which is captivating me as the 100th anniversary of  the sinking looms. Through this wonderful job that I do, I've recently spoken to a man who's an … [Read more...]

The Media Giving Out The Wrong Message?

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I went on a course last week about ‘safe recruitment’ in my role as chair of a local pre-school. Even as volunteers, we’re expected to develop a knowledge of safeguarding children – a sentiment I applaud. The course on the whole was good … [Read more...]